Week 11 Devlog: Final Game Update

Devlog Week 11

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, my team and I have been putting together our "meme game". The meme we chose to parody in our game is the old planking meme, popular on YouTube and other video sharing sites, in which people often plank in unusual and funny places. Our game, so far, is also heading in the direction of an '80s workout video parody, in which the player will switch between a few typical 80's workout video characters and plank through various environments to solve puzzles.

The gameplay, currently, focuses mostly on simply learning how to move these characters around. Our current playtest/prototype level is somewhat of a tutorial, where players need only solve a simple puzzle and move to the goal object to win. Though our prototype is a very simple and stripped-down version of what our game is going to be, the feedback we received upon playtesting has been very helpful in letting us know the ways in which we can have our game respond to player input so as to feel better and generally be more intuitive. 

Overall, progress has been good, and we seem to be keeping most of the features we want implemented within reason.   

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