Week 8 Devlog: Prototypes

Devlog Week 8

1. The four types of prototypes described in the reading are role prototypes, look and feel prototypes, implementation prototypes, and integration prototypes.

2. The difference between examples 2 and 3 is that in example 2, the purpose of the prototype is almost purely aesthetic -- the functionality of the program matters far less than how easy it is to comprehend and use the actual interface. With example 3, the opposite is true. The goal there is to test how complex the three dimensional spaces that the user will interact in are able to be. 

3. Example 7 is primarily a role prototype. This is because the function of the prototype is to show how users will be able to interact with the phone, rather than actually to construct the technology necessary to do so.

4. Example 10 is primarily a look and feel prototype. This is because the pizza box was constructed entirely to observe how practical a physical computer of that size could be, rather than address the role of the computer, or develop any of the necessary technology for it.

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