Midterm Release Devlog

Midterm Post-mortem

1. Ultimately, Subway Simlulator 2018 is a game which attempts to simulate my experience with New York City's mass transit. In the gameplay itself, the player must traverse 3 cars while moving between poles on the subway to reach the ultimate goal; some cake on the ground. While this is happening the player will listen to some of my favorite songs which I still frequently like to listen to while commuting on the train.

2. The biggest problem I had with my game was implementing art and sound assets towards the end of the project. For the first week or two I budgeted almost all of my time working on the gameplay and programming  aspects of the game. because of this I managed to include some really nice features (such as items becoming transparent as they approach the camera, or having dynamic lighting), but I definitely felt very rushed in these last few days just trying to model and import everything visually. My solution for this poor budgeting was to cut some of the features I had planned for the in-game art assets, such as having my arms animate towards the poles when the player tried to grab them, though I am still somewhat disappointed with some of the visuals in my game.

3. Given more time, I would absolutely work almost entirely on animation and modeling. I think that if I had maybe 2 or 3 more weeks to work on this project, the polish I could apply to it would enormously improve player experiences. I would also like to add my own soundtrack to the game; instead of just using the songs I like, I would try to get some friends together to make covers of them that I could then implement into the game to make it a more portfolio-worthy project. Overall, however, I am really quite satisfied with how Subway Simulator 2018 turned out, and will probably put it on my portfolio after some additional tweaks.

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