Week 5 Devlog: Midterm Update

Devlog Week 5

From last weeks prototype I have made an enormous amount of progress!

Upon receiving feedback after playtests I realized that it was very difficult to know where exactly the character was facing. To combat this, I attached a narrow cylinder to the prototype player model which will point in the direction the player will move. 

I also noticed that it was difficult to tell where the safe area for holding on to the poles in the subway was, so underneath each pole there is now a circle to show where the player can hold on. 

In addition, the level itself has been extended; there are now platforming challenges which require the player to jump between cars, and there are a total of 3 train cars to traverse.

In terms of art/models, I have started to model the benches in subway cars, as well as a train track which will give the illusion of the train moving forward when visible, however these models are not present in the current playable prototype. 

As development continues and I receive additional feedback I will continue to tweak small aspects of the game so that I can hopefully create a fun/reasonable difficulty curve, as the game, so far, seems to be quite difficult initially. 


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