Week 4 Devlog: Midterm Concept

Devlog Week 4

When I heard that our midterms were to be autobiographical games, I immediately knew what kind of experience I wanted to create for players. I live relatively far away from many of the NYU buildings, which means I have to commute by subway very often to visit friends or attend my classes.  In my midterms game, Subway Simulator 2018, I will try to recreate my experiences with the MTA as accurately as possible for any players who wish to know how truly difficult it can be to traverse the city in a subway car when you are bad at keeping your balance. In Subway Simulator 2018, players will have to walk around in a moving subway car, and will be forced to grab onto nearby poles to avoid falling down when the train takes a sharp turn. While this mechanic on its own would be difficult enough, as the players will have a difficult time controlling the main character's slippery physics, players will ultimately also have to avoid bumping into pedestrians or risk public humiliation (this mechanic is not currently in the prototype). Overall, I feel this will create an education and challenging experience to show anyone interested an accurate glimpse into my life as a proud supporter of New York City's mass transit facilities.


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sounds cool, also think about your plans in creating/ modeling the assets