Week 1 Devlog: The Door Problem

Upon reading Liz England’s short article, “The Door Problem”, I was both entertained and intrigued by England’s description of the game design process. In her article, as one might be able to guess from reading the title, England describes the design process of making a door, including what aspects of a door must be considered, as well as the various development tasks assigned to team members to make the door. The most interesting of these tasks, as well as the strangest, in my opinion, would be that of the composer. I myself am a musician, so I find it interesting to think about writing a theme song for a door, as silly as it sounds. The worst/least interesting of this jobs for me would be that of the monetization designer, as I can’t imagine it being enjoyable to spend your work time finding ways to hinder gameplay. England’s article highlights just how different game development really is from game design. Where game design is solely concerned with the construction of an enjoyable gameplay experience, game development encompasses far more, including marketing and PR. 


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Jan 29, 2018


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